• rescue a MATERIAL. create SOMETHING new.

    Harness the power of creativity to find innovative uses for waste materials.

  • Our vision

    We have already made all the stuff we collectively need. Let's find new ways to reuse them instead of tossing them.

    Corporate waste

    Turning costs into value

    We help corporations turn their waste disposal costs into value by finding creative ways to reuse high value materials generated as by-products of industrial manufacturing processes.


    Creative communities

    The power of creativity

    We offer creative communities an easily accessible new source of materials. We are building a network of craftspeople, upcyclers, designers, makers, artists, art schools and universities.

    Collaborative platform

    Where the magic happens

    It's more than an online platform. It's place for corporates and creatives to connect and collaborate to find creative solutions to transform waste materiales into new valuable products or projects.

  • WHAT We Do

    We prevent materials waste through a collaborative online platform

    connecting corporates and creatives

    Materials marketplace

    Discover new opportunities

    Corporates: post your waste materials and save costs.

    Creatives: find your usual materials or get inspired to try new ones!


    Material opportunities: leather offcuts, rubber (car tires or bicycle tubes), wooden pallets, outdoor signage, seat belts, wine/spirit bottles, flooring and laminates (e.g. Formica), acrylic/perspex, cork, laboratory bottles and test tubes.

    Trashformation challenges

    Open innovation

    Have a peculiar type of waste?

    Challenge the creative community to come up with upcycling ideas and projects for a chance to win a stable supply and support to bring projects to life.


    These are the types of communities we are looking to partner with

    Crafts Council

    Contemporary Crafts


    Craft Central

    Fine crafts



    Emergent makers



    Professional Upcyclers


    B Corps

    Business for good


    CE 100

    Circular Economy Network